4-H Chick Chain

What We Are About

We are doing things a little different than in years past.  We are still offering members birds free when return requirements are met for the show and sale, but an up front deposit fee must be submitted with all applications.  Participants may order 12 pullets for their poultry project. (Black or Red Sex Links or Barred Rock birds) A $50 deposit per 12 pullets is required. 

Members may also purchase a minimum of 25 birds of another breed for $75. Since this is a purchase, members will not be required to return any for the 4-H Show and Sale. We allow other breeds, so that members may enter and exhibited multiple birds at various fairs around the area. The Sex Link birds can only be entered as a part of a county 4-H exhibit at the Knoxville fair.

Our Goal

The goal of the CC program is to create a more responsible citizen by giving youth opportunities to develop and foster a relationship and bond with another living organism that are totally dependent upon them for their everyday needs.

How To Get Involved

Please complete the application found on this page and submit it with deposit or payment either by mail or in person to the UT/TSU Extension Blount County office by Friday, December 17, 2021. If the link becomes broken and fails to work, an application may be obtained by sending an email to James McMillion at jmcmilli@utk.edu.

Blount County Poultry Show & Sale

Date: TBD Fall of  2022

Location: Blount County Operations Center

Time: 11:30 a.m.

Eastern Region 4-H Poultry Show

Department 410

Location: Tennessee Valley Fair

September 9th – 18th, 2022